Protech Systems - Guarding and automation


  Protech currently designs, sells, installs, trains, and is used as consultants for : Light curtains, Press controls, Press Brake controls, & Custom Guarding. 

Protech is known in the industry as a leader in OSHA compliance.

 Protech is used and recommended by Cal-OSHA, and insurance companies to train their employees on OSHA compliance and Machine Guarding.

PROTECH offers complete turnkey guarding, automation and retrofit systems for punch presses, press brakes, shears, riveting machines, rolls, and perimeter guarding systems for robots. Highlighted in the PROTECH product line is the EAGLE EYE. It was developed in 1979 as a superior infrared light barrier guard that has a proven performance record plus ease of installation and maintenance. Another product is the HAWK EYE, specifically designed for optical perimeter guarding. The HAWK EYE can guard an area spanning up to 200 feet. The PROTECH SUPER VALVE is another unique development, combining the safety dual valve with press control logic in a compact, inexpensive package.

PROTECH has developed the "FEATHER TOUCH" two-hand control to eliminate the need for pressure in operating the palm button. After many years of experience with the Eagle Eye Infrared Light Curtain, SPARROW was introduced for those applications best suited for economical, general purpose uses on a wide variety of machines and point of operation personnel hazards. Also included in the product line is the DIGITAL BRAKE MONITOR, the smallest, most sophisticated and feature-packed monitor on the market.

PROTECH products are available nationally and internationally, through independent representative companies. We offer engineering and consultation services to provide you with the most productive, economical alternatives to meet your safety needs. For literature or  consultation call, fax or email your request to PROTECH SYSTEMS.